5000+ Ultimate Photography Bundle For Lightroom, Photoshop and Camer Raw

5000+ Ultimate Photography Bundle

TimeForDeals 5000+ Ultimate Photography Bundle Overview

 “5000+ Ultimate Photography Bundle” – a large stylish elegant action package, presets, overlays for your creativity. This package includes the best actions and overlays for Photoshop, presets for lightroom and Camera Raw. 22 photographers and 15 graphic designers worked on it and invested 4 months of hard work – that is, more than 25,000+ hours.

With this kit you are unlikely to need anything else. Work for all versions of Photoshop and Lightroom on Windows and Mac, instructions (in English) are attached.
Many will appreciate it.


✅1133 Overlays Effects – Mega Bundle

✅ 2430 Lightroom presets – advanced mega Bund

✅ 593 All Photoshop Actions – Mega Bundle

✅ 1800 Camera Raw presets – advanced mega Bundle

 Balloons : 50Bokeh : 59Botany: 48Bubbles: 78Particles : 110Dark Feathers : 32Festoon Lights: 57Fire: 37Fireworks: 43Fog: 16Leaves: 34Lens Flare: 19Light Leaks: 158Light Rays: 27Light spots: 22Magic Lights: 25Night sky: 30Particles: 110Petals: 25Rain and rainbow: 69Skies: 27Snow: 90Sparklers Letters: 62Sun Flare: 17Splashing Water: 22White Feathers: 32
Total number of 
Overlays: 1,189
 Analog Retro: 25Animals: 23Beauty : 29Black & White : 22Bright Life: 20Color: 9Dark & minimum: 20Elegant: 25Face & skin: 60Freedom: 20Good old 1950’s: 20HDR: 7Holiday Season: 8Instant Camera: 20Journalist: 20Kids: 22Nature: 22Newborn: 27Rebel 60’s: 15Romantic: 20Snowy Season: 11Split Toning: 25The old times: 20Warm Vibes: 9Wedding: 39Work with with details: 20
Total number of 
Photoshop Actions: 558 
Pets: 95Black & White: 82Kids: 91Architecture : 93Lovestory: 68Analog Retro:  57Food Blogger: 40Fun times: 61Events: 78Instagram: 59Landscape and Wildlife: 78Nature: 98Newborn: 103After Dark: 102Face and skin: 82Journalist: 91Gym and outdoor: 112Photostudio: 103Sunrise: 101Big City Life: 103Wedding: 92   Total number of 
Camera Raw presets: 1,842

Architecture: 96Artistic Food: 42Black and White: 87Events: 83Face and skin: 87Fashion: 56Fun times: 65Instagram: 62Journalist: 98Kids: 98Landscape and Wildlife: 80Lovestory: 71Minimize: 97Nature: 101Newborn: 112Night: 112Pastel: 109Photostudio: 111Sport: 126Sunrise: 112Urban: 105The good old times: 104Wedding: 95  Total number of  
Lightroom Presets: 2,430

Technical Information:

  • Direct digital download
  • Operating systems: Windows / Mac
  • Compatible with all Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Instructions are included in the package
  • Full email support for question even outside the scope of our product

Official website: TimeForDeals
Distributed material: Actions, presets, overlays

Download File: Direct Link

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