Ableton Live Suite 10.1.25

Ableton Live Suite

Ableton Live Suite Overview

It has everything to do with music and is suitable for composing, recording, production, remixing and live performance. Ableton Live Suite has a very simple and intuitive user interface that offers top quality audio and real-time editing functions.

This program is a powerful digital audio workstation for live performances. Ableton Live Suite provides a stable DAW that is ideal for creatives looking to experiment and build audio projects. It has an extensive sound library, a long list of plug-ins, and it’s on par with industry standards for cost and level of service.

Ableton Live Suite is equipped with all the features needed for producing music and supporting musicians during a live performance. It also includes Ableton Link so you can collaborate with other musicians on the same project from multiple devices. For that reason, this digital audio workstation earns best pick for Live Performance.


Ableton Live Suite’s new Glue Compressor (made in collaboration with Cytomic) is based on a classic bus compressor from the 80s, both for its great sound and for its easy handling. Live’s studio effects – Compressor, Gate and EQ Eight are adapted with new displays, improved controls and improved sound.


Transform your favorite drum break with the drums-to-midi feature, and use it with your own sounds. Accelerate how to remix by using the harmony-to-midi to get notes and chords from samples. Or sing a piece yourself, play a melody or drum a beat, and make it a MIDI clip.

Features of Ableton Live Suite

  • Professional production software in which practically everything is possible
  • New Glue Compressor and EQ Eight equalizer
  • New Audio to MIDI capabilities
  • Time warp and stretch possibilities
  • Supports all file formats
  • Multitrack recording up to 32-bit / 192 kHz
  • Two clear image views
  • Drum Rack, Impulse and Simpler instruments
  • 37 Professional effects
  • 11GB of samples
  • VST and AU support
  • Can be used on both PC and Mac

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Intel or AMD multi-core processor. Intel Core i5 processor or faster recommended.
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)

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99 Responses

  1. KCKCKCK says:

    Hi all,
    The “Keygen by R2R” folder is empty…
    Where could I find it?

  2. GB says:

    Authorization is now invalid. could you update it? thank you

  3. haddwee says:

    What is Hardware Code..? I know it means hardware Id but idk where i should find it.

  4. Viglen says:

    The Keygen will create an authorization file. Either point to the file within Live when it asks to authorize or drag the file onto the authorization screen within Live.

  5. jack says:

    How do i authorise the sofware using the crack?

  6. Dominic Tilzey says:

    I installed it but i’m not sure what folder to put the generated authentication in. The instructions weren’t clear enough for me 🙁

  7. Rando says:

    So far so good. I was amazed by literal drag and drop of keygen file. Thanks guys. You make it possible for the little guy to appropriately get started.

  8. Franny says:

    I know antiviruses detects things that are not real viruses,
    but this one worries me cos it gives me the name of the virus or malware.

    Should I be worried?

    R2RLIVE.dll : HEUR/QVM39.1.0D41.Malware.Gen

  9. Beat_MAKER says:

    PERFECT thank you !

  10. Holdie says:

    Hi there, says on the file it’s for Mac but keygen only for Windows, can you help please? Many thanks.

  11. far-q says:

    all i get is a rar download containing a 1.9mb file…not the live program itself. what is that?

  12. MAC says:

    Thank you for the upload. Apparently the .rar file is corrupted. I have tried downloading it twice and always got the same message while trying to decompress: “The structure of the archive is damaged.” I also tried repairing the file with a rarlabs solution but had no luck. Is there something I’m missing? Any chances the file could be fixed/re-uploaded ? Thanks!

    • CrackzSoft says:

      file is fine.Problem might your win defender and archiver itself.Provide me screenshot link of file with an error.

  13. deepcutt says:

    download link prompts me to pay with PayPal on a site called ?? whats the deal

    • CrackzSoft says:

      its a legit and file sharing website.You are not necessary required to pay there.Files also available for free users also.

  14. Yassidou says:

    Thank you very much ! Just to ask, is there a way to use Max for Live plugins with this version ?

  15. Leny says:

    when i try to download its giving a 404 page not found on file puma.

  16. Hayden B says:

    So I tried to run the provided KeyGen with the file but window defender is telling me that there is a file with a file which is the exact name of a type of virus. Is this a virus or not??

  17. D says:

    Hi mate. I have a question. Do you know if purchased VST’s, like Serum, Massive or Kontakt will work on this “version” of Live?

  18. componiendoenpluton says:

    the new dmg says that is flash player no ableton

  19. mahima says:

    so it tells me after a month of using it that I need to authorize even tho I already did, I used the .auz file and it says it says its invalid, please help!

  20. CL says:

    I properly install the trial version but I can’t activate it. When i lauch the live_keygen.exe , I got ” This program was made with an Unlicensed Compiler. etc”, I don’t get a thing, can someone explain me ?

  21. Damian Torres says:

    Hi, i get this error every time i tried to instal:

    Source file not found:
    E:ableton_live_suite_10.0.1AbletonLive 10 SuiteResourcesMaxresourcespackagesBEAPExamplesMIDI ExamplesÁSeq Example.maxpat. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

    Have you ever heard of this? Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?



  22. Mikes says:

    Hi, the keygen creates the license but when I look at where I saved it, it’s not

  23. Steve says:

    Neat. No seeders for the 2.6 mb crack torrent. Can’t even figure out how to download it the other way, I keep being refered to usenet registration.

  24. marcelo says:

    My friend, what’s the hardwarecode?

  25. ramulis says:

    i downloaded the software from The pirates bay and did as instructed but the license doesnt seem to work ? Am I placing it in the wrong place or folder ? Please help. btw you guys are awesome thx

    • CrackzSoft says:

      piratbeay has older release and this one is new..btw that release also working.You can try this one if have problems.

  26. hellafuk says:

    wheres the download link?

  27. James says:

    Followed readme, allowed 2 keygen files past Windows Defender (.exe and aforementioned readme), works fine authorized no problems.

  28. Davy says:

    I use windows 10 pro, but when i’m installing Ableton, it says a ”Error reding from the file concrt140.dll Verfy that the file exists and that you can access it” I’ve tried to change the windows folders permitions in all of the inside the Ableton but the error still remains. Please help !!!

    • CrackzSoft says:

      It might be because your windows defender,antivirus or any other protection deleted the file.Download file separately from google or try in any other clean system where protection disabled.

      • Davy says:

        You guys should crack the software with in a iso file, then so many people wouldn’t have this error with permissions and antivirus.

  29. greg says:

    hay i downloaded this from piratebay and says has 2 Trojan32 s in the keygan

  30. Julian says:

    Will be avaible soon for mac?

  31. Web says:

    “Error reading from file: …Ableton Live Suite 10.0.1 +Keygen… AbletonLive 10 SuiteResourcesCore Library...Square Reso Pad.adv.ogg.asd. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.”
    I have checked if i have the file but it still doesnt work, even after trying again.
    Any ideas?

  32. Lmao says:

    crack for mac???

  33. Daniel Hailes says:

    I’m having a completely different problem with my keygen. It says “cannot find required file” when i attempt to launch it. Any tips?

  34. Carl says:

    Hello. When intall, I get a dialog with the message:

    “Error reading from file: C:Users(the path of a file that tries to copy). Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

    • CrackzSoft says:

      Just google it you will find maybe larger path name so you have to move it to short one or you may have to give some permissions.Plz google your error and let me know.

  35. Carlos Miguel Gonzalez says:

    When installing pop ups a window error:
    “Error readin from file (the path of the intall source file). Verify that the file exist and that you can access it”

  36. Yellow says:

    “This program was made with an Unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE.”

    Hmmm…. i think it was fixed !?

  37. Ixfandm says:

    Here is my own Error text ….This program was made with an Unlicensed complier
    Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE.

    please i need link to downloads the crack only

  38. LMC says:

    Same matter : “This program was made with an Unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE.”
    However, i’ve DL it on µtorrent for android, no antivirus matter, I don’t understand.

    • CrackzSoft says:

      follow everything in readme file then try if still not help then wait for fix

      • LMC says:

        I tried many ways.. All the others softwares installed from your site works.
        I try again tomorrow, I’ll let you know if done, I’m not a computer engineer but I think your live_keygen.exe is not really stable.
        Thanks for your work

  39. Skeeter says:

    How do I use key gen for mac?

  40. Den says:

    Has keygen been fixed now?

    • CrackzSoft says:


      • disc says:

        I’ve downloaded the “updated” file from your dropbox and when I try to open it I get an error message stating the file is damaged or corrupted. I appreciate and even donate to support good cracking groups, but it seems that most of the soft that you guys release always have a certain type of issue. For example, the compiler your programmer use for the keygen for ableton… come on… don’t you guys test your software before releasing it? And now, the “updated” dropbox link downloads a corrupted/damaged file… this is just pathetic..

        • CrackzSoft says:

          first of all i want to clearify that file is ok its been corrupted when enterd in your system.The cause maybe your windows defender/antivirus etc.So what you can do now is to try in other pc or disable such things when download crack files then see.I checked by myself and all is fine.

  41. kwsths says:

    thank you very much. It works fine. Hope for more multimedia software like this

  42. cris says:

    Unfortunately I have received the same message: “This program was made with an Unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE.”

    Hopefully you guys can fix this soon? Would love to start using the program really soon.

  43. plrs3275 says:

    I am having the issue with the keygen
    error states that it was created with an unlicensed compiler
    “This program was made with an Unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE.”
    Where can I get a working keygen?

  44. loiso says:

    hello I would really appreciate someones assistance,i downloaded this software but I need to authorise it,and I did not purchase it,i do not understand the readme’s instructions….it said: Replace ( Ableton Live 9 Suite.exe ) with the patched version in
    “C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Program”
    Run keygen

    — awesome cracks waiting for you—
    how exactly do I execute these instructions?

    • CrackzSoft says:

      you have to replace original file which is in C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Program with patch file.(copy patch file and paste in that location it will ask to replace then press ok).After that run keygen to generate keys and activate sure your net and antivirus disable.

  45. csknight says:

    there was no keygen in my download just the patch which I copied over as instructed but can’t find the keygen anywhere

  46. Yannbicou says:

    I’ve a problem, the keygen like Dj Awesome-o or Jean Phil cant run. My antivirus is disbale as fire-wall

  47. DJ Awesome-o says:

    cant run keygen

    error states that it was created with an unlicensed compiler
    “This program was made with an Unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE.”

  48. Jean-Phile says:

    Can’t open the keygen.

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