Autodesk PowerInspect Ultimate 2020

Autodesk PowerInspect

PowerInspec is a powerful application from DeloCo’s Autodesk Company for inspection and measurement of industrial components. Using this product, measuring the most complex forms is easy. The program has various measurement capabilities and will cover all your needs. In addition to measuring and scheduling related devices, the PowerInspect also means CMM devices have a great ability to evaluate and inspect components and hardware that are controlled by OMV devices. With all the capabilities of measuring and inspecting parts, it will be effective in increasing productivity and reducing final product costs, giving it a lot more flexibility to its users. With the ViewCube feature, you can see the desired piece from all sides. With just a few clicks, you can create reports in the program and save them in different formats.

Autodesk PowerInspect Features

  • Use a common interface for a wide range of CMM devices
  • Non-contact measurement and laser scan examination
  • Graphical programming with subjective and parametric strategies
  • Very good compatibility with other products of Autodesk company
  • Measuring complex parts and shapes with different algorithms
  • Possibility to import points from other CAD software
  • Ability to automate the measurement process
  • Configuring complex components with high degree of freedom
  • Combining measurement systems with design and production

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