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Dear users of our modest website, I am writing to you. I ask you not to forget about the support of our project, it exists only thanks to you, we have minimal advertising that does not interfere with users, we decided to prove to everyone that it is possible to exist this way these days. We are always grateful to everyone who helped us during this difficult time and, in gratitude, in return we give you a Premium account that provides some privileges: you can upload several files at once, the download speed will not be limited by the server, you will have access to special posts! We have the opportunity to pay via PAYPAL , we have also connected Bitcoin and other other systems.

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Benefits of Premium:

  1. Full Download Speed
  2. No download Delays
  3. No captcha
  4. No ads
  5. Unlimited downloads
  6. One click download & many more benefits.

How to become Premium Member:

Send mail to [email protected] and mention these things in mail:

  1. Check premium plans here: Premium membership
  2. Your country
  3. Your uploadproper ‘username’

Q. Is it reliable service and safe to buy?
- CrackzSoft promising you, it is 100% worthy and many dollars content you will get at high speed for free.

Q. Why premium?
- All content on site is still free.We have to pay fees to our server providers to avail maximum bandwidth, speed and storage benefits.So, premium membership give you unlimited things and we can inhance our servers buy spending more money which we get from you.

Q. Can you tell us comparison b/w premium and free?
- It is clearly mentioned on uploadproper about comparison.But still for an exampale free member will download files at 1-2mbps speed whereas premium speed can go upto 50mbps.Benefits are many....

I want to express my great respect to everyone who helped, you are really very cool and thank you very much !!! Your support gives me strength, I see that all this is done not in vain! I will try to continue to please you with fresh releases, once again many thanks to YOU ​​!!!

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List of people who bought premium membership @Salute

*Omega (Bahrain), *Oliversvd (Switzerland), Cesar (Angola), *Didier (France), *Derrick, *Eric Hayes (USA), *Dega (USA), *Daniel (Norway)