Gammadyne String-O-Matic 24.0


String-O-Matic is the name of the Gammadyne group’s software application for simultaneously searching multiple files for replacement. By using this product, as mentioned above, you can search for files in a group and replace what you want. According to the creators of this product, the software you are designing for those programmers who are working on very large projects and need to search and replace them in their documents.

Features of String-O-Matic

  • Works on 8-bit ASCIIs, 16-bit Unicodes and UTF-8 documents
  • Ability to search and replace your documents in groups
  • Ability to rename your files with automatic functionality
  • There is a preview feature in your documents before the changes
  • It provides you with a very sensitive and accurate search
  • Back up your files before making changes for your assurance

Download File : Direct Link

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