GEOSLOPE GeoStudio 2018 R2 v9.1.1.16749




GeoStudio is a product suite for geotechnical modeling and geographic environments that address all your modeling needs. The GeoStudio suite contains the following products:

SLOPE / W: Slope stability analysis

SEEP / W: Analysis of Groundwater Segments

SIGMA / W: Deformation Pressure Analysis

QUAKE / W: Dynamic Earthquake Analysis

TEMP / W: Geothermal analysis

CTRAN / W: Analysis of solute transfer

AIR / W: Airflow analysis

VADOSE / W: Proactive background analysis and soil coverage

GEOSLOPE GeoStudio Features


  • CAD gradient stability software to calculate the coefficients of land and stone confidence. Effective analysis of simple and complex problems for surface slipping, pore pressure conditions, soil properties, analysis methods and loading conditions.
  • Underground water analysis, excessive pore water loss problems in porous materials such as earth and rock.
  • Analysis of the deformation stress of soil structures using SIGMA / W
  • Dynamic Dynamic Analysis of Earthquake Structures to Earthquakes or to Indicate Mechanical Forces from a Blast or Sudden Impact with the QUAKE / W Tool
  • Analysis of thermal changes on the ground due to environmental factors or construction facilities, including buildings or pipelines using TEMP / W
  • L Modeling the movement of pollutants through porous materials such as soil and rock

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