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GoodSync Enterprise

GoodSync is the perfect software for synchronizing or syncing multiple folders together. No matter where the folders are located, your folders are anywhere, in your personal system, on the FTP server, on other computers on the network, and etc., GoodSync can easily match all the changes and files of the places you want. For example, you can choose to add a file to your system at any time, remove a file from it, or change any other changes, just like the changes in the other folder in your system or other places we mentioned, and vice versa If changes are made to the destination folder in the source folder, these changes also apply

GoodSync Features:

  • Full synchronization of folders, subfolders, and files
  • Automatic detection of changes including created, deleted, and other similar files
  • One-way sink that is useful for duplication purposes
  • Possibility to synchronize the chain of different locations
  • High-speed synchronization operation, while low memory consumption
  • Syncing folders on servers and locations
  • The possibility of advanced synchronization using filters (for example, based on volume, modification date, and other patterns).

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  1. MariaWilliam2 says:

    I trust GoodSync and used it for a while and I didn’t have any problem with it, except for the server price of GoodSync, it wasn’t suitable for our budget, some similar tools recommended to us like Teracopy, Securecopy, and Gs RichCopy 360, all are in hold tell we have a good deal

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