JetBrains Rider 2019.2.2 Windows

etBrains Rider

JetBrains Rider

JetBrains Rider is a new integrated development environment based on the IntelliJ and ReSharper platform. Rider supports the .NET Framework, the new .NET Cross-platform platform and mono-based projects. This feature allows you to create a wide range of applications, such as application desktops, services and libraries, Unity games, Xamarin applications, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET Core Web applications

JetBrains Rider Features

  • Provides over 2,500 live code checks, hundreds of background operations and refactoring by ReSharper, and combines them with the features of the IntelliJ platform and solid IDE
  • Open, edit, build, run and debug a variety of .NET application Support for many languages ​​used in .NET development, including C #, F #, VB.NET, ASP.NET (both ASPX and Razor view engines), XAML, XML

Download File : Direct Link

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