Lumion Pro 10.5.1

Lumion Pro

Lumion Pro Overview

Lumion Pro is the world’s fastest 3D rendering software for architects. In seconds, you can visualize CAD models in a video or image with real-life environments and striking artistic flair.

Whether communicating your project to a client, collaborating with your team using realistic visualizations, or making a last-minute design change, Lumion dials up the power to allow fast, stress-free rendering with results sure to make you smile.

With the new LiveSync for ArchiCAD, you can immediately set up a real-time visualization of your ArchiCAD model in Lumion Pro. Change the model’s shape and you’ll see these changes instantly taking place in Lumion’s dynamic, true-to-life environments. Sync materials and camera views, and enjoy the convenience of an interactive ArchiCAD-Lumion workflow that lets you feel the space as you design.

Lumion Pro enables real-time, lifelike visualization with SketchUp and Revit. By turning on the LiveSync synchronization, it’s like you’re modeling your SketchUp or Revit designs in their real-life settings.

No training required, and after just 15 minutes, you can learn to create jaw-dropping images, videos and 360 panoramas with lightning-fast speeds. It is that fast to work with, and that easy to get started!

Features of Lumion Pro

  • Styles – Just push the button!
  • Sky Light daylight simulator
  • Soft and fine shadows
  • Hand-drawn outline effect
  • Mass placement for curved shapes
  • 150+ new HD materials
  • New HD objects – pets, cyclists and more
  • Render video in 4K resolution

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • Graphics card: GTX 1070 Ti
  • CPU: i7-8700 (x64)
  • System memory: 32 GB (2666 MHz or higher)
  • Power supply: Minimum 650W (80+ gold-rated)
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 with all updates installed

Old Version: Lumion Pro 9.5 | Viewer

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268 Responses

  1. Natawe says:

    Huge THANK YOU ! You guys are simply the best!

  2. Juan Perez says:

    Work’s perfect. Thanks

  3. Dr. Sokaku says:

    Hello Friends,
    If you get one or more error messages when opening Lumion 10.0 to 10.3.2 as follows:

    Styletransfer.dll error
    Channel not found in installation skipping load routine
    In group:
    C:\Program Files\Lumion 10.x\ArchitectEdition\Classes\MovieCreation\modifications\AIEffects.cgr

    Try these steps:

    1. Close Lumion if running.

    2. Move the file onnxruntime.dll from the Lumion install (usually C:\Program Files\Lumion 10.x\3rd) folder to the root folder where Lumion.exe is located (usually C:\Program Files\Lumion 10.x)

    3. Restart Lumion.

    GOOD LUCK,,,

  4. Professional gago says:

    why cant i access lumion livesync on sketchup. i’ve downloaded the plugin but its not appearing on the toolbar

  5. anonymous says:

    As per instructions, first installed exe
    added the two host file lines
    added block in firewall
    copied patch to C:\Program Files\Lumion 10.3 folder
    ran patch (said — PATCH DONE —)
    after starting the app, I get an error message that says “General connection failure – please try again!

    Any suggestions?

  6. Migs says:

    It worked for me guyss. There are some stuffs that appeared before running the benchmark. I just clicked ok then it proceeded and now I can use it. Thanks you!!!

  7. reps4 says:

    Thanks David it worked. Don’t even bother editing the hosts file, just straight up delete it. Livesync will work now.

  8. David says:

    For livesync to work you need to delete (or move ) the hosts file

  9. David says:

    It has stopped working for me
    Used it about a week ago but today it just stopped

  10. christian says:

    I just installed on a friends computer worked great! Tried same thing on my desktop… and I cannot get past screen that says> Retry GENERAL CONNECTION FAILURE – PLEASE TRY AGAIN!

    I have not reached the benchmark.

  11. Alfredo Ramirez says:

    Same problem with livesync. It doesn’t work. Everything else is fine

  12. Ungwang says:

    Hi Guys,

    The password i got (p*r****) to open the crack file isn’t working.
    I’ve entered it just as it cam in the txt file. please help. is there a new one?

  13. ralph john says:

    Hi ive encountered an issue regarding lumion 10.3.2 livesync in sketchu. It says “Host file hacked”. Of course lumion 10.3.2 works perfectly fine, but I also need to use the live sync for more efficient workflow. So can I request for a solution for this issue? Thanks in advance

  14. moe7uss says:

    really thank you Crackzsoft for your hard work

  15. IBRAHIM says:


  16. PHG says:

    Hey guys, I’m doing all of the above and none of it is working. Still says ‘licence key invalid’
    i uninstalled it and installed it a 100 times and still not working. Any idea of what should i do? Thank you

  17. CHARAN says:


  18. Nithin Rajiv says:

    Hey Guys it is really simple,
    The key step is to Switch off Wifi before Running patch. Once that is done, you need to Run lumion with the Wifi switched off itself. Once lumion is up and running, you can switch on wifi. Every time you start lumion, Wifi should be switched off.
    Keep antivirus/windows defender also switched off before running patch, just in case.

  19. UpandDown says:

    I’ve tried the above, but when it loads I am getting the message ‘Channel not found, Skipping load routine’ Can anyone help?

  20. Sohail Ahmad says:

    Here is method to Crack..

    1- First of all installed software, then after installing the software you have to to disconnect your Wi-Fi and also go to settings then search for virus and protection go to manage settings and off every virus protection.
    2- the next step you have to extract the files in the crack, use the password for the crack and extract all the files in that crack, you will have only two files one is crack and second is the system information.
    3- copy the crack and paste it at the location where you have installed the software in drive c.
    4- When you copy the crack in the desired location, open the crack and use the password which is already given in the file that is “tpcrew-group”.
    5- once you have open the crack click on bat and it will be Patched. Done Your software is ready to go.
    6- Click Lumion Extension there and run the Software

  21. flach says:

    rar file doesn’t open, “unknown format or damaged” :/
    downloaded two times
    Is just for me?

  22. UpandDown says:

    I’ve just downloaded this and installed it. Get a pop up saying your Licence key is invalid. Can anyone help? Thanks 🙂

  23. YARON says:

    I performed all the steps and still got the message
    What am i doing wrong ???

  24. jackl says:

    Many thanks CrackzSoft for this great upload!
    For the ones that wont get it working….:
    1. make sure you have firewalls, windows defender etc off.
    2. Install> while install>
    3.Windows search> notepad> rightclick open as admin> open the ”hosts” file at (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\)
    paste these two lines (without # infront of it) and save
    4. place ( in install folder> run as admin> password: tpcrew-group > patch
    5. enjoy lumion

  25. Earl says:

    the crack goes to “run password” mode activation dialog. what do do?

  26. anuj khirwadkar says:

    can anyone guide me how to crack it properly? I have done the patching and it still says that licence is invalid

  27. Karim Nasreddine says:

    is there any solution for “LiveSync will not work on your computer” error – Host file hacked??

  28. alice says:

    will the livesync feature work with this? thank you so much!

  29. Allen Sia says:

    hello, I have finished installing but there are no instructions for this and the screen shows license key is invalid. How do I install this properly. I already turned off my windows defender but there were still no instructions. Please help.

  30. Nataša Tkalec says:

    mazingerz … still working! 😉

  31. ggpx says:

    Hi Crckzsoft team! Is this Lumion 10 stable release already? I’ve downloaded 10 before but that is the unstable one

  32. John Ignacio says:

    Cant make the crack work

  33. lacoster adams says:

    thanks for the software !! it’s working really well !!

  34. noemi says:

    Ho appena scaricato tutti i file di lumion 9.5 , adesso , dalle istruzioni , leggo : 1.- Edit host file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\) ║
    ║ ║
    ║ 2.- add these 2 lines: ║
    ║ ║
    in che modo si trascinano questi due file nella cartella ?

  35. akshay bagade says:

    i installed lumion 10 pro. i tried patching with it says patching done, then also screen shows license key invalid,
    please help.

  36. lucas says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble after installation. I don’t know what to do with the patch fixer, I run it, press patch and nothing happens, would love some help, thanks.

  37. Purv says:

    can you learn me that hoe to crack lumion 10.1.i don’t know

  38. Mirna says:

    can I get the installation instructions?

  39. mazingerz1127 says:

    where exactly the guide to install lumion 10? can someone help me please

  40. NATAWE says:

    It works perfectly for me. Thank you so much guys!

  41. Romeu says:

    It’s working properly! Thanks!

  42. Guy_asking_about_lumion says:

    Is this Lumion 10 version a stable version worth downloading now? or do i just stick with 9.5 until something better comes out ?

  43. gui says:

    i downloaded the 9.5 version with 4 links and now i dont know what to do. can someone help me

  44. Rick says:

    Lumion 10.0.1 has no link to download except virus (174 ko file) … Forgot to share the links ?

  45. mohamed says:

    thank you

  46. ralph says:

    lumion 10 pro doesnt work. there is missing files in the crack folder, it doesnt have the application crack and i cant run it because it says license error. please update

  47. Jack says:

    Antivirus flags lumion10.exe all day. Virustotal has over 30 antivirus programs picking it up as virus/malware. I know it’s a ‘bypass’ launcher, but having 90% of all AV programs on the market saying it’s a virus, it’s probably not worth putting on this site.

    • CrackzSoft says:

      well i and many others said 100 times.AV detect cracks as virus because they are illegal and blocked by offcial distributers.
      This is a simple thing you have to understand that it is not officially legal to use cracks.
      And about safety they are 100% safe and we always take care what we are putting 🙂

  48. Shivam Amin says:

    Lumion 10 pro is not a crack.Its simply a bypass. It crashes a lot everytime after 20 to 30 minutes of work..

  49. konst says:

    After downloading the lumion pro 10 it wont let me copy/paste the crack file (lumion exe) in installaion dir. Any suggestions .Thanks

  50. Nataša Tkalec says:

    1000 X THANKS!
    You are LEGEND!

  51. Soham says:

    Please Get Lumion 9 waiting for that post!

  52. Feriando says:

    First of all thank you so much for allowing regular people to be able to access this software. I’d love to pay for it but I just don’t have the money.

    With that said, Lumion 9 would be awesomeee!!!!

  53. james says:

    im running lumion 8 but why do i have to deeactivate wifi verytime i open lumion 8 and paste the code, after then im supposed to shutdown it task manger,can u help me the fixupdate need credit card i dont have it pleased help. thanks

  54. Natawe says:

    Hello! First I do every day …? Go to this site and chek for Lumion 9 😉

  55. ivan says:

    Lumion 8.5 looks very tempting.

  56. Sudarshan says:

    When are you going to release Lumion 9 Pro? Can you tell me release date.

  57. johnny the says:

    Hi, thanks for that great fix. will you do 9.0 soon!?

  58. Moshe Kohn says:

    Do you know where I can get lumion for SketchUp

  59. Shrutam says:

    Lumion 9 will be releasing today any chances of the crack in the near future or even Lumion 8.5 for the livesync feature?

  60. alex says:

    hello. the code generator does not work anymore for me idk why.,.. please help me

  61. Orlazer says:

    can u post a video only for the license moment, i don’t understand

  62. swaroop says:

    when will be lumion 8.5 uploaded

  63. Arjun Bishoyi says:

    The Lumion 8.5 version is out. It includes Sketchup, Revit and the newly Archicad 21 Livesync. Is there any chance to see a cracked version in the near future. Thank you in advance.

  64. dhana says:

    how to boost the download speed on chrome ??
    its nearly crossing 25kb , but my connection is very much capable than that !!

  65. faraon says:

    Can we soon expect Lumion 8.5? TNX

  66. bushra meraj says:

    after installation it shows the application was unable to start correctly error. click ok to close. Please help

  67. acidstres says:

    The Lumion 8.5 version is out. It includes Sketchup, Revit and the newly Archicad 21 Livesync. Is there any chance to see a cracked version in the near future. Thank you in advance.

  68. mikegad says:

    Lunion 8.3 PLEASE!!!!!
    And Enscape will be super……

    Thanks for your great work man!!

  69. krishna says:

    crack file isnt workin, please help me

  70. nageswari says:

    i downloaded but its showing licenses not valid

  71. hans says:

    Dear sir download complete but when look in the folder there’s no crack (serial number), can you please help

  72. preet chovatiya says:

    in my laptop i unable to open serial reading tool file,even i open run as administrate.
    what i do ?please help me to figure out this problem.

  73. omkar says:

    By any chance, we can use the open street map feature in some way?
    if there is, how can we?

  74. konst says:

    thanks for version 8…….you are a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………if you get 8.3 you ll be more than a god

  75. Alan Gordon says:

    Any updates about Lumion 8.3? Thanks!

  76. A.Jayaanish says:

    i have a problem to open the (Lumion8.0 Pro Serial number reading tool) , its not open , please say the solution for that

  77. Siddharth Dev says:

    please provide the latest update! Lumion 8.3

  78. sandro_zic says:

    it only says “Load scene…” when i open lumion 8. anyone else?

  79. Jack says:

    From your early comments on hotfix update, which entire folder i have to copy and paste in installated directory as i have no file existing to replace. you have posted the hotfix update and i have downloaded it. help needed immediately.

  80. Jack says:

    I have installed the software available on your site. Blocked through firewall. Copy pasted the serial/code from generator. but every time i open the software, the serial/code input page opens. i have to text the code each time and use the software. Plus i have to force it close through task manager. Is there any crack to use so that opening the software opens up directly to the rendering portion without inputting code and running benchmark. Also how can i use this hotfix update for this software. help needed immediately.

  81. okan aydoğan says:

    crack rar does not work 🙁 , i can’t open rar file

  82. timothy says:

    the serial number generator doesnt work anymore…ive tried countless times to open .what can be the problem?

  83. marioljv says:

    Where is the key generator ?????

  84. jose luis says:

    hello group, my high quality image files come out “format not recognized” the program works correctly but the rendered files have problems. Any ideas? thanks for the work!

  85. DigitalDeez says:

    I installed the application, ran it and it comes up with a box that says that “Your license key is invalid”, and my only options are to “Retry” or visit their website. Any suggestions?

  86. Joma says:

    in readme it says:: Launch the generator
    but I don’t have that file see the image

  87. saur v says:

    please provide us enscape crack
    thank you sir for lumion crack and serial

  88. Sebas says:

    Plz help, once I click activate after pasting the code it gets stuck on “success”

  89. wer says:

    Hello .. the rar file containing the SERIAL is damaged

  90. kimHJ says:

    Can not use ‘Open Street Map’ beta function because its only available online?

  91. Oleg says:

    Hi …
    tell me please what do I do I do not see the Lumion code and there’s no field where to insert the activation code?!?!
    Here’s the photo that I can see:

  92. PUNIT AGGARWAL says:

    i have successfully installed it.
    thank you for it
    but i am unable to activate it.
    it is showing invalid key when internet is active
    and when internet is off it is asking activation code
    and in zip file there is no generator or activator only instructions

    • CrackzSoft says:

      Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch

      B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
      F0B8ACC456246209C0DEF8A456E96EB51583A79DF2E9390600 CD7471D0F655D4
      63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17

  93. enam says:

    I install lumion 8 properly and i work with several files. but there is a problem. a very special feature of lumion 8 is open street map is not working. please help CrackzSoft

  94. Jason says:

    where can we find the most recent hotfix file?

  95. SAYAN says:

    another link for hotfix please

  96. Jordan Ryderz says:

    Mine just says success for a long time without getting in

  97. Tom Gil says:

    Lumion8.0 Pro Serial number reading tool.exe shows error in Chinese.

  98. Bid says:

    I’m getting the error: “Error creating texture: error code the gpu device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action. Texture type: 27.

  99. PETTER says:

    I appreciate your contribution, but the CRACK in the RAR file when trying to open the book that is already ready, before downloading and opening the file I deactivate all the antivirus and Windows Defender, please send in rar crack to [email protected] .com

  100. remy says:

    thanks a lot for all your job ! add a section donate !

  101. chris tusso says:

    I installed the torrent and the program with windows defender firewall off. Antivirus was on during both downloads. Also, internet connected to the computer when trying to open lumion program.
    Cannot open the program the following errors happen.
    System error – “the code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found”
    System error – “the code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found”
    Also, the number reading does unzip to my desktop but it will not open, error message in Asian language. Not sure what happened, please help.

    • CrackzSoft says:

      try in any other system and let me know.

      • chris tusso says:


        It did work on my ASUS laptop window 10 but not my ACER desktop windows 10? Do you know why this may be? Both machines are new and I bought them 2 months ago.

        • CrackzSoft says:

          you have to check lumion official website and ask in their community forum.

        • Sheik says:

          Copy the installed File From your LAPTOP
          and Past it in your Desktop
          Im also Doing the same way its work for me

          • chris tusso says:

            great thanks for the info. Unfortunately the 2 DLL files that are missing on my computer are not on my laptop install either. But my laptop works. I will need to download the missing DLL files online to get my PC to work with the program.


    • Sheik says:

      hi still you have the problem
      just type in google DLL Missing
      its your Computer Problem not Lumion side

  102. key says:

    I just installed and it’s working
    Thank you so much
    when trying to render a scene ready the program gave several errors, but I believe it is because of my computer that does not have enough graphic quality

  103. DJ says:

    Jan. 11/2018 – just to let everyone know, this crack of Lumion 8 Pro really does work. I followed the instructions in the readme, and using the activation code posted by CrackzSoft farther up this thread, it works.
    * Make sure you block Lumion 8 in Windows Defender Firewall/Outbound Rules, or it will display “Your license key is invalid”
    Here is a sample rendered image:
    Thx CrackzSoft !!

  104. Jovan says:

    I want to thank you. It works great. Without any problems. Just follow up. Install Lumion, then just follow the instructions.

  105. Massoud says:

    First of all thank you for the upload, i think you guys came falling out of heaven. I installed the program and al is working great. In the readme file you explain to block lumion from connecting to the internet. Is this only necesery to start the program or also to prevent future failure of the software to launch? Thank you!

    • CrackzSoft says:

      yes its always recommended to block cracked apps to accessing the internet if its required to avoid any faults.

      • Massoud says:

        Oke thank you for the reply, i searched the internet how to block the software on my firewall with windows 10. I dont know what to block. I see a list of programs in my firewall but dont know wich one beloungs to Lumion.

        • CrackzSoft says:

          it should be same as what in your start menu.If not then try googling and still not get then tell me i’ll check by myself .

  106. Kamen Ruskov says:

    Have a new problem, Lumion makes Error (Missing Texture) when trying to render? Anyone had any similar issues?

  107. Sheik Dhavooth says:

    The RAR File not extracting
    *.bin Files corrupted ( 6/8 Files )

    Pls Help me

  108. saurabh says:

    dear sir
    i cant open lumion 8 crack rar file.error for damage file or please check and upload serial key generator again seperate.
    thank you so so much your work so great for learner like us you are only hope
    otherwise we cant buy 1500Euro software

    • CrackzSoft says:

      basically it deleted because you have any protection(antivirus,defender etc) enabled which detect crack as virus please disable it before.You can download generator only when downloading torrent.

  109. faras says:

    your zip crack cant extract plsee help

  110. MIB says:

    Can i get Hot Fix update description sir.

  111. Davo says:

    Crack archive isn’t opening, it says “damaged archive”. What can I do?

    • Davo says:

      I got it using another pc, thanks.

    • CrackzSoft says:

      Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch
      B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
      F0B8ACC456246209C0DEF8A456E96EB51583A79DF2E9390600 CD7471D0F655D4
      63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17

  112. dansan says:

    How to extract “Serial number reading tool”? Windows defender switched off and still cannot extract it

  113. Mangesh says:

    hi there, i have error extracting (Lumion8.0 Pro Serial number reading tool) file. Says unknown or damaged

    • CrackzSoft says:

      Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch
      B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
      F0B8ACC456246209C0DEF8A456E96EB51583A79DF2E9390600 CD7471D0F655D4
      63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17

  114. Nio says:

    The serial number reading tool wont open with some error message poping up in chinese

    • CrackzSoft says:

      Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch
      B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
      F0B8ACC456246209C0DEF8A456E96EB51583A79DF2E9390600 CD7471D0F655D4
      63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17

  115. Navraj says:

    What’s the Hotfix for because when I render i keep getting this error for gpu and materials ?

    • CrackzSoft says:

      Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch
      B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
      F0B8ACC456246209C0DEF8A456E96EB51583A79DF2E9390600 CD7471D0F655D4
      63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17

  116. to2 says:

    I try download in several computer with windows defender is off and no antivirus software is there, but still i cann’t unzip the Lumion8.0 Pro Serial number reading tool.rar file, it seems says no files in archive. or maybe damaged.
    can you upload. can you upload only that file.

  117. Hamza says:

    Open street map feature in Lumion 8 requires an internet connection and gets stuck on ” retrieving token screen” is there any fix for that?

    • CrackzSoft says:

      still i am not aware but one thing sure it is a full and working release.Maybe something wrong from your side.But still any update come i will let you know.

  118. DHANUSH says:

    how to install latest hot fixupdate no readme file ..can u help me out

  119. arch alaa says:

    thank you very much but can you help me i need the crack file only and cant download it from the torrent file

  120. Bakhos F. Nassif says:


  121. Cromagnum says:

    the crack isnt opening anymore, it’ was before, but now i can not open, even if i run as administrator, i have even tried to run in another pc, and have the same problem, please help me.

  122. AMZMA says:

    downloading now, hope this works
    thank you

  123. Cris says:

    Your Crack wont Open.. please update

  124. Shahzeb says:

    MAN! You are the best! You know what , You are recieving limitless prayers from over the world. I have also posted on my FB and people are going crazy over it … I have given this link to like 250+ people in just one day
    Thankyou so much man !

  125. E7 says:

    God bless you! Thank you so much.

  126. kilic says:

    problem with the serial number reading tool that does not work

  127. msspp says:

    I can’t open the Serial number tool.exe file. I follow the readme file but it only says to launch the generator. Firewall, anti-virus, internet down but it doesn’t work. What should I do? Thanks a lot anyway.

  128. Boramy says:

    I can open Lumion8.0 Pro Serial number reading tool.exe file. What should I do?

  129. Zaid Khot says:

    This crack stopped working as I’ve heard from many people. Could you please check on your system? @crackzsoft

  130. Zaehy says:

    just block pc from internet or use firewall like lumion 6

  131. Hamdy says:

    i’d like to know if this Lumion 8 Pro Version is Cracked or Not !! ?

  132. Tobechukwu Uzoho says:

    any time i run the the patch i get a bsod

  133. Dana says:

    Can you please help us with how to install? We closed the internet and anti-virus, install the program and extract the patch files to the lumion folder at program files. And now what? We don’t understand the patch program..
    Please help and thank you!

  134. Rafa Navarro says:

    genial! muchas gracias, ya lo probé y funciona al 100%
    saludos desde Argentina!

  135. Fran says:

    It works but it crashes when I try to save an image with the message “Lumion has stop working”.

    • CrackzSoft says:

      problem from your end setup is fine and working.Try on other pc then check.Or google your error maybe you find some appropriate results.

  136. Fran says:

    Are you trying to crack Lumion 7 or 8? Thanks very much for this one !!!

    • CrackzSoft says:

      no there is less possibility but whenever it will be possible you’ll get update on site.

      • Seth says:

        can is ask for a serial number for lumion 8? please

        • CrackzSoft says:

          Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch

          B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
          F0B8ACC456246209C0DEF8A456E96EB51583A79DF2E9390600 CD7471D0F655D4
          63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17

  137. E7 says:

    Crackzsoft, crack Lumion 8 please! This software is very expensive. Thank you for your help.

  138. carlos says:

    i cann’t unzip the patch.rar file, it seems to be dammaged

  139. vitomea says:

    thank you! donwloading now. will check back after trying it out.

  140. ihsan rahim says:

    Please crack Lumion 7 or better yet, Lumion 8. Its never been done before. Crackzsoft team are our only hope.

  141. halitt says:

    can you crack latest version

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