Messenger Yes (Bale) Version 4.1.1 Android


Messenger Yes

Messenger Yes

Messenger Yes is an Iranian application for chat and file uploads. These days, the messenger apps market is very hot. Telegram , Line, WhatsApp , Viber , Vispia and more. Meanwhile, Iranian developers have not been afraid to leave behind and have provided good messengers. Among them , Soroush , Yes, Bisphon, Gap, Pomegranate, etc. are mentioned. Perhaps among foreign apps, due to the enormous popularity of the Iranians with telegrams, developers (and big supporters of hidden hands!) Have paid the most attention, which led to regular updates and quick fixes of program bugs.


Features Messaging Yes:

  • Standard features like other messengers
  • Desired speed on file upload
  • Have financial features like buying a charge, a card to a card, and so on
  • Appropriate graphic appearance
  • Has an independent Windows version
  • Possibility to add contact with iD and phone number
  • Possibility to build channels and groups
  • Under the supervision of the Central Bank and with the support of the National Bank of Iran.

System Requirement

OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8.x, 10

Download FIle: Direct Link


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