Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.29.1a

Nikon Camera

Nikon Camera Control, the name of the software application in the field of control of Nikon SLR series cameras. Using this software, you can control the Nikon SLR series through a computer through a wired or wireless connection, and remote viewing of images. If you plan to use a wireless connection, you need to have a wireless transmitter. Also, the makers of this product have tried to make this software so that you can control and manage this software to make the changes you want remotely.

Camera Control Pro can remotely adjust and manage exposure, shutter speed, and aperture of your camera. This way you can use this software to control your camera very efficiently. With the advanced features in the Nikon D3 and D300, the software is also capable of displaying and selecting the right images to transfer your desired data to your computer screen.

The feature and advantage of this software index are the direct transfer of images from the camera to your computer during a simple operation, in which all your data, such as shooting steps up their storage, are recorded and transferred to your computer. Other features of the software include support for this product from ViewNx browser, viewer software and Capture NX photo-finishing software

Nikon Camera Features

  • Ability to connect between the camera and the software in both wireless and wireless
  • Ability to select and adjust the control parameters of the image from your computer
  • Significant increase in your performance with the ability to check before transferring or removing unnecessary images
  • Integrate and support other Nikon software such as ViewNx browser, viewer software and more.
  • Perfect compatibility with Nikon’s new product performance (D3 / D300)
  • Liveview mode support (Manual mode and tripod mode)
  • Possibility to adjust focus point and shutter release
  • And…

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