NUMECA FINE / Open 8.1 x64 + crack



NUMECA Fine / Marine is an integrated CFD software environment for simulating single-fluid and multi-fluid streams around any type of ship, boat or yacht. The user interface graphics, powerful and customized software guides the user to simulate the whole process and the specific characteristics of the sea together:

HEXPRESS ™: A very automatic latch generator for high quality gratings and a perfectly hexagonal mesh grid.

FINE / Marine flow solver: The 6DOF is an incompressible flow resolver, best known for a variety of marine applications, including free surface capture.

NUMECA Fine features

  • Thin surface modeling (sails, tabs, etc.)
  • Replacing the geometric module
  • User Restricted Entry – A high degree of automation
  • Get very precise free surface
  • 6DOF is dedicated to marine navigation laws
  • A semi-static approach to boat types and hydrofoils
  • Dynamic definition libraries (forces and movements)

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