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Opera is a free, web-based, web-based web browser with more than 300 million users developed by Opera Software. This browser is used for general public Internet applications such as website views, e-mail receipts, and emails, communications management, online threading, uploading via BitTorrent protocols, and reading web feeds. Opera for use on PCs, cell phones and tablets is provided free of charge.

Opera Features

  • Opera Turbo: The compression of pages and images by 2, 3 or 4x (depending on the speed of the Internet connection) increases the loading speed of webpages several times.
  • Opera Unite: To share your favorite files on the Internet without having to upload them to other sites
  • Opera Link: To quickly synchronize your browser information with another opera or computer
  • Private browsing: To completely browse web pages without leaving the trace on the computer
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  • Opera extensions: Opera browser extensions that have been added to this browser since version 11.
  • Opera Mail: This feature is one of the best features and features that make this browser superior to other browsers. Using this feature, you can subscribe to feeds and blogs and get updates from them. The feed reader also has folders and categories.
  • Speed Dial: Provides quick access to predefined sites in the new Tab.
  • Mouse Gestures: Perform common commands in the browser like opening a new tab and returning to the previous page, holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse to the specified direction.
  • Extensions: An alternative to Opera Widgets that have functionality like Firefox extensions.

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