Photoshop Top Plugins Collection 2018

photoshop top plugins collection

Photoshop Top Plugins Collection List

1. 3d Map Generator V2

  • Open “3D.Map.Generator.GEO” folder, copy and paste “3d_map_generator-GEO” folder to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
    (create CEP/extensions folders if doesn’t exist)
  • Copy folder “Original_3D_Map_Generator_2” from “3D.Map.Generator.2.Isometric” folder and paste in … CEP/extensions

2. ADP Pro 3.1

  • Copy folder “adppanelplusprovz.extension1” and paste in …CEP/extensions

3. ALCE 3.0.0

  • Install

4. Chameleon Adaptive Palette 2.4.5

  • Copy folder “com.ricoholmes.RHDS_MS” and paste in …CEP/extensions

5. Coolorus 2.5.12

  • Install Coolorus 2.5.12
    Don’t disable Debug Mode during installation
  • Run Photoshop 19.1.1.
  • Don’t click on “Activate” or “Trial” in Coolorus panel
  • Don’t click on “Configure” on Coolorus panel
  • Go to File/Scripts/Coolorus-Configurator (everytime you want to use Coolorus) and click on ” ? ” in Coolorus wheel
  • It will be trial forever

6. Delicious Retouch 4.0

  • Copy “com.adobe.Delicious Retouch 4.0” folder and paste in … CEP/extensions

7. DFT Light 4.0 v.6.1

  • Install
    (You can find it in Photoshop/Filters)

8. DFT Rays 2.0 v.4

  • Install
  • Copy folder “Rays v2.0” from:
    C:\Program Files\Digital Film Tools
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC
    (You can find it in Photoshop/Filters)

9. Double USM v.2

  • Install

10. GuideGuide 4.7.1

  • Install

11. HDR Reactor 2.0

  • Copy folder “1 HDR Reactor” and paste in:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Presets\Scripts
  • Open Photoshop and load action “2 HDR Reactor.atn”
  • From Action Panel select HDR Reactor and press F8 on your keyboard to open HDR Reactor panel

12. Imagenomic Professional
– Realgrain 2.0.1
– Noiseware 5.0.3
– Portraiture 3.0.2

Read “Read Me” for activation.
Open one by one in Photoshop/Filters, click on About/Check for updates and uncheck “Automatically check …”

13. InstaMask 1.1

  • Copy folder “com.JM.InstaMask” and paste in … CEP/extensions

14. Lumenzia v5.0.0

  • Copy “com.lumenzia.ext” and “com.lumenziabasics.ext” folders and paste in …CEP/extensions

15. Magic Retouch Pro 4.2

  • Copy “MagicRetouchPro” folder and paste in …CEP/extensions

16. Millenium Panel Build 12.2016

  • Copy folder “com.extension.millenium” and paste in …CEP/extensions

17. NEXT Local Contrast Enhancer 1.0.6

  • Install

18. Perfectly Clear Complete

  • Install
  • Read “Read me” from Crack folder for activation

19. Perspective Tools V2

  • Copy folder “com.kritskiy.perp2” and paste in …CEP/extensions

20. Custom Tools

  • Copy folder “com.pspowertools.customTools” and paste in …CEP/extensions
  • Load all .jsx and .png from “Free Scripts” folder

21. RA Beauty Retouch Panel 3.1

  • Copy folders “Beauty_CC_31” and “PixelJuggler” and paste in …CEP/extensions
  • Load brushes, action, script and tool in Preset Manager from “Presets” folder

22. Raya Pro 2.1

  • Copy folder “com.JM.RayaPro” and paste in …CEP/extensions

23. Retouching Toolkit 2.0.1

  • Install

24. Sacred Geometry Generator

  • Copy folder “SacredGeometry” and paste in …CEP/extensions

25. TK Infinity Mask

  • Copy folder “com.kuyper.tkinfinitymask” and paste in …CEP/extensions
  • Copy “TK Infinity Mask 1 PS.8bf” and paste in:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC

26. TKActions V6

  • Copy folder “” and paste in …CEP/extensions

27. Ultimate Retouch Panel 3.5

  • Copy all 3 folders from “Manual installation” folder and paste in …CEP/extensions
  • Load action “4 Custom Buttons”

28. Vitamin BW 2.0.2

  • Install

Photoshop Top Plugins Collection Notes


I couldn’t install none of these with .zxp extension. Tried with ZXP Installer and Adobe Extension Manager and there are so many guys here and everywhere with that problem.
For the next time when you have only .zxp format, change extension .zxp to .zip and extract it. Install manually.

So I’ve changed the installation method to simple “drag and drop” for the most of these plugins.

If you want to resize panel of any of these Plugins:
– Open “manifest.xml” from “CSXS” folder in Notepad, find <Geometry>
<Size>, change numbers for Height and Width as you wish (in pixels), save and close.

Check Adobe Debug Mode (it have to be enabled – value 1) following the steps from this pic:

By default installation folder for all Plugins is in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions

In some cases installation folder of plugin depends on your operating system and the Creative Cloud version you are using.
Depending the versions you’ve had installed, you may find plugin files in any of these locations:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\<CEP>\extensions

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\<CEP>\extensions


Download File: Server1 | Server2

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  1. Damjan visnjic says:

    Here is a website to download extensions downloader that Adobe used to use:

  2. Damjan visnjic says:

    I think that Chameleon Adaptive Pallet is missing .zxp file.

  3. Damjan visnjic says:

    No license for Coolorus 2.5, I really want this to work since I’m an artist.

  4. John says:

    There is no license of Portraiture 3 inside the Readme of Imagenomic Suite folder, there are only keys from the rest : Realgrain and Noiseware.

  5. SAYAN says:

    upload torrent file please
    to 1337x or extratorrent

  6. joseluis says:

    I get the error for chameleon “Chameleon could not be loaded because is not properly signed” what can i do here, suggestions? tried colours, custom panels, guideGuide, millenium, double usm, all of these are working 100%

  7. Niitin says:

    There is no key for Delicious retouch only trail version & RA Beauty Retouch doesn’t work on Mac book. Please help. Thanks

  8. hua says:

    Server1 and Server2 Can not download

  9. Sheldita says:

    If I download direct it shuts off at around 98% and will not finalise also if I download via Jdownloader it resets at 99% and starts over continuously never finishing the download just restarts and keeps restarting for days…

  10. Sheldita says:

    Neither of the download servers work… never works at all for anything, why do you even bother? does not even load…
    Can you organise some servers that actually work please,
    Thank you and regards

    • CrackzSoft says:

      we have lot of completed downloads on files from dailyuploads…you can tell me what problem you facing on downloading so we can fix it.

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