proDAD Mercalli Pro + Plugins for Adobe, Magix, Vegas, EDIUS

proDAD Mercalli

proDAD Mercalli Overview

Mercalli is an intuitive and simple tool for software video stabilization, now with Rolling Shutter and CMOS correction!
Mercalli detects and distinguishes between shakes between movements (panning and zooming in, random strokes or shaking). Mercalli program stabilizes the frame by changing the position of the entire image to compensate for the harmful shaking. This feature reduces camera shake and improves the visibility of the subject! As a result, you will always get significant improvements to the footage and even the best recording that can be achieved when editing after shooting!

Key features:
Mercalli is an intuitive application to use, unlike other solutions, you do not need to delve into mathematical theories. Mercalli does it all for you.
Mercalli lets you make a decision. You, as a viewer, can get better results. You, as a director, can get the right atmosphere.
Mercalli is fully automated, allowing you to receive specific recommendations and requests using clear controls.
You can view the analysis of the captured video, and Mercalli will give you suggestions for further improving the video. Together with all this, you can get incredible results.
Mercalli integrates into your video editor. You can access it, as well as any other filter or tool for adding video effects.
Mercalli is very fast. On modern computers, it will function without delay, in real time. While similar programs process 3 frames per second, multi-core processors are supported.

Based on the data on the official website, we can conclude that the plugin will work fine with:


  • MAGIX Video deluxe 
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 
  • MAGIX Video Pro
  • MAGIX Video Pro
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro
  • Vegas Pro


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects

Pinnacle studio

  • Pinnacle Studio

includes the already unlocked Plugin!
(don´t have to be unlocked at Avid store)

Grass Valley KK



  • Corel VideoStudio Pro


  • Avid studio
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid symphony

General info

Integrates: Magix Video Pro, Vegas Pro, EDIUS, Adobe
OC: Windows 7 \ 8 \ 8.1 \ 10 (x64)
Interface Language: English
Tablet: Not required.

Filename: Mercalli 5.0 for Magix, Vegas,   
Size: 68.8 MB

Filename: Mercalli plug-ins for Adobe   
Size: 29.8 MB

Filename: Mercalli V5 SAL +   
Size: 134.5 MB

Filename: proDAD Mercalli Pro   
Size: 17.6 MB

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