Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1.11 x64

Red Giant Shooter Suite

Red Giant Shooter Suite

The Red Giant Shooter Suite is the name of a software engineer and specialist in the editing and synchronization of audio and video in the world of making movies and video. The software you are running in is actually a set of tools for editing secure and synchronizing. As a standalone application, this software is capable of synchronizing with the highest possible precision for you. This way, you can use this product to make your own videos. The product is also able to sync directly to Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Red Giant Shooter Suite can be considered a reliable product. This means that you can always back up your video files at any stage of your project. In fact, the backup in this software is copied with very high accuracy. On the other hand, supporting a variety of memory cards for video cameras and media formats has enabled users to trust this software.


Red Giant Shooter Suite Features

  • Possibility to convert 4K video and other high resolution formats
  • Processes audio and video sync with extremely high speed and high speed performance
  • Supports various video formats recorded by various cameras
  • Switch your old movies and convert them to 24P

Download File : Win | Mac


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