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Visual Assist X

Visual Assist X

The Visual Assist X extension is an ideal tool for working with the Visual Studio programming environment that works with C ++, C, and #C languages. This tool increases the programming speed in this environment and allows you to change the code in a few clicks.

Visual Assist X Features

Reduces the complexity of the code, improves code readability. 
 This tool makes it possible to write code faster than your imagination. It allows the implementation of virtual functions and interfaces functions with the help of constructing methods.

Generate Code Faster:  When typing your code using the coding assistant, this tool will show you tips that are likely to be what you want to type, so you’ll be faster typing your code or even These tips give you some ideas and avoid syntax errors in the code. Also, this tool helps auto-type typing faster by typing auto () {} and ….

Helping to understand complex codes: This tool helps to better understand code by  better displaying code using different colors for each different structure. It also helps you understand the code by adding special demo sections, such as displaying the function parameters, displaying comprehensive information about functions, classes, and more.

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