WYSIWYG Web Builder 12.0.2

The Web Builder a WYSIWYG is a program for creating Web pages, which automatically creates HTML-code at a time, you simply place the objects, HTML knowledge from you all is not required. Just drag and drop objects anywhere on the page. After this will only upload the resulting files to the server, using the built-in tool “Publish.” It has practically all possibilities of MS Frontpage, but contains much more tools to work with objects (images, text, tables, etc.). Thanks to WYSIWYG Web Builder Web page on the Internet will have exactly the same form as on a PC, regardless of the browser.


  • No need for knowledge of HTML
  • Drag and drop objects anywhere in the HTML-page, anywhere
  • Customizable menus, toolbars, tabs, etc.
  • Support for creating form fields
  • Wizard to create forms for the four stages. Choose from a dozen forms of the perfect
  • Rich text support: size, fonts, colors, links, etc.
  • an ActiveX support, JAVA, Flash, Windows Media player , Quicktime, Real Audio and other plug-ins
  • Built-in editor dlyasozdaniya photo gallery, with many functions
  • Built-in editor for creating advertising banners
  • Creating image maps (Image maps)
  • Setting up and strip editing scroll to your web pages of Internet Explorer the Microsoft
  • Create navigation bars, tabbed navigation, slide menus, etc.
  • Ready to use language javascript
  • Support for templates. Available more than 100 ready-made templates!
  • Inserting special. Character
  • Support for creating slide shows
  • Import existing HTML-pages
  • Built-in support for creating pop-ups (Popup-windows)
  • Create drop down menu navigation
  • Search and replace text facilities
  • Graphical tools: brightness, contrast, nsyschennosti, color and so on. d.
  • Image effects: black and white, negative, sepia, blur, sharpen, noise, etc.
  • Drawing tools
  • Creation of RSS-feeds
  • Sitemap Generator for Google

What’s New ?

  • Fixed: Incorrect text alignment in breakpoint in some upgraded projects.
  • Fixed: Panel menu not compatible with jQuery 3
  • Fixed: Background images of rollover layer not included in templates/blocks.
  • Fixed: Skinned font picker dialog refresh issue.
  • Fixed: Background overlay color in Layout grid not supported.
  • Fixed: Problem with delayed text height calculation in Carousel.
  • Fixed: ‘Doubtful size error’ for Rollover Images in Layout grid.
  • Fixed: Internal link not possible in Events.
  • Fixed: Crash when applying Site Properties.
  • Fixed: Icon selection in Responsive menu.
  • Fixed: Redirect in Page Properties to internal link displays wrong link type.
  • Fixed: Master page updates page width when breakpoints views are not in sync.
  • Fixed: Invalid Error Report message for tables.
  • Fixed: Auto Responder input field cannot be changed in layout grid form.
  • Improved: Extensions which use live rendering are now loaded more efficiently. The HTML rendering engine will only be initialized when the page is open/visible. This reduces the memory usage in larger projects.


Download links (Size:- 37.9 MB)

  1. Uplod.ws
  2. DropApk.com
  3. MirrorAce.com

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